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ASTM E1647 Contrast Sensitivity Gauge

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The contrast sensitivity gauge described in ASTM E1647 "Standard Practice for Determining Contrast Sensitivity in Radiology  measures contrast sensitivity independent of the imaging system spatial resolution limitations. The thickness recess dimensions of the contrast sensitivity gauge are large with respect to the spatial resolution limitations of most imaging systems. Four levels of contrast sensitivity are measured: 4 %, 3 %, 2 %, and 1 %.

The contrast sensitivity gauge is intended for use in conjunction with a high-contrast resolution measuring gauge, such as the EN 462 5 Duplex Wire Image Quality Indicator. Such gauges measure spatial resolution essentially independent of the imaging system's contrast sensitivity. Such measurements are appropriate for the qualification and performance monitoring of radiographic and radioscopic imaging systems with film, realtime devices, Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Detector Arrays (DDA).

Radioscopic/radiographic system performance may be specified by combining the measured contrast sensitivity expressed as a percentage with the spatial resolution expressed in millimeters of unsharpness. For the EN 462 5 spatial resolution gauge, the unsharpness is equal to twice the wire diameter. For the line pair gauge, the unsharpness is equal to the reciprocal of the line-pair/mm value. As an example, an imaging system that exhibits 2 % contrast sensitivity and images the 0.1 mm EN 462 5 paired wires (equivalent to imaging 5 line-pairs/millimeter resolution on a line-pair gauge) performs at a 2 %0.2 mm sensitivity level. A standard method of evaluating overall radioscopic system performance is given in Practice E 1411 and in EN 130681 and for CR it can be found in Practice E 2445.

Gauge size

Each gauge comprises a rectangular block with four flat-bottom recesses that represent 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% of the gauge total thickness (T). There are four specified gauge sizes, ranging in length from 3in to 12in. The appropriate gauge size depends on thickness of the test specimen with which it is to be used.

 Gauge thickness

The gauge thickness (T) is the same as that of the test specimen (+/- 5%).

 Gauge material

The gauges can be manufactured in the following materials:

 Group 03 Magnesium

Group 02 Aluminium

Group 01 Titanium

Group 1   Steel or stainless steel

Group 2   Aluminium bronze alloy

Group 3   Inconel

Group 4   Monel

Group 5   Tin bronze alloy

 All gauges are made specially to order. Please specify the required gauge thickness (T) and gauge material.

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Product Code F00.2162

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