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Automatic Film Processor Free Standing

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Colenta 43/5 Film Processor

Processing applications:            Rolls/Cut sheets of industrial x-ray films
Film thickness:                            0,10mm(4mil) - 0,18mm(7mil)
Material width:                                min. 7,5 cm max. 43cm
Material length:                                       min. 10 cm


Capacities   for:   

Time  in  Developer    [sec]   

CycleTime(dry to dry)[min]

Intake speed




2' 08"

11' 45"



Tank Capacities

Tank Capacities




11L (inc Dev Filter)



Wash Water


Solution heating (Fix and DEV): adjustable in a range of 18°C - 43°C
(separate in line 350W/550Wheaters)

Dryer: warm air - adjustable in a range of 18°C - 55°C

Replenishment: fully automatic.replenishment is microprocessor controlled and calculated from information received from sensors measuring the width and length of
material entering the processor. Replenishment cycles are adjustable.

Wash water distribution: built in 3-way magnetic valve

Wash water flowrate: 1.5-2 lL / min when film is processed

Wash water supply pressure: 3 - 10 bar

Wash water supply: filtered at a temperature of 10°C- 25°C
with 3/4" hose connection

Wash water drain: 32mm (5/4inch) hose or tube


Weight: Empty  150 kg

With solution     179,5 kg

1) Automatic Cooling: The processor electronics will automatically detect over temperature developer conditions and then activate a cold water cooling system.
The temperature of the incoming cold water supply should be between 7 - 15 C in order for the system to operate efficiently.
If not available and in cases where the processor is required to operate in warm ambient conditions a chiller system should be used on the developer tank solution.
A chiller unit is available as an optional accessory from Colenta for either self installation or factory fitted if ordered with the processor.

2) Processor ventilation: The 43/5 is supplied with an exhaust port located at the feed end of the processor. During installation this port must be connected
to an external ventilation system provided at the installation site (sufficient power to ventilate the warm exhaust air away and out of the processing area).
Where the processor is installed in a "through wall" location whereby an auto feeder or feed table is positioned in a darkroom and the main body of the processor is in daylight, it is important that the darkroom is pressurised to ensure a positive airflow from feed to dryer thus avoiding condensation related problems.

Optional accessories

Covered Film Feed Tray

Rack Carrier Drip Tray

Water Supply assy

Exhaust fan 2 x100mm

Level control for Repl.-tanks assy

Internal Chiller assembly

Installion and Service

Processors are fully installed, maintained and serviced by our own engineers.

Service contracts are available to meet your requirments.

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Product Code F00.3001

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