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Baltograph TSD225/3

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The TSD225/3 is a very small focus dual filament monopolar tube for light alloys, composites or small steel thicknesses. The extremely small size of the small filament is designed for applications with magnifications or where definition is of first importance. This tube can be the ideal replacement of a μ Focus solution if the dose output of the μ Focus is not sufficient to cancel the natural noise of X-ray photons. This tube is perfectly adapted to Radioscopy applications or low power generators.

Slightly larger than a 160 tube, the housing diameter is only 124mm which will ensure that the tube can still be inserted even in tiny spaces. The tube shielding is internal and reduces the radiation leakage to less than 1R/h @ 1m as required by international standards. In and out fluid inlets are mounted with universal connectors while the HV plug cone is a R24.

This tube can be used with all brands of generators provided that the load curve can be adapted.

Max. high voltage: 225kV
Nominal power: 800/1800
Focal spot size (EN12543): 0.4-1
Beam angle: 40°×30°
Target angle: 11°
Inherent Filtration (mm): 0.8 Be
Anode cooling type: Water
Cooling flow rate: 4l/min
Leakage: 10mSv/h @ 1m
Max current: 14.5/30mA
Weight: 11Kg
Tubehead: Metal Ceramic

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Product Code F00.0149

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