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Baltospot LLX160-DA

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The LLX160-DA is a high frequency constant potential Directional Air cooled, portable X-ray generator that can be used in combination with digital detectors.


LLX is the latest result of 65 years of expertise of Balteau in portable units combined to 25 years of Constant Potential equipment manufacture. LLX is the answer to your requirements for field inspection especially where quality requirements and speed of inspection are essentials.

With a superior dose output for an equivalent kV setting, LLX has been engineered to be more compact and lightweight than its competitors. The specific shape given to the head of the generator makes it easier to use on field where space is always restricted for instance in aerospace applications.

LLX is controlled by a full digital control unit (DC1) using the energy saving concept of the BALTOSPOT series and our well known Hand-X® wireless remote control that is also available for your best safety.

High Voltage Range: 5 to 160kV
Tube Current Range: 0.5 to 12mA
Beam Angle: 60° × 40°
Inherent Filtration (mm): 0.8Be
Anode Cooling Type: Air
Duty Cycle: 100%
Insulation: SF6 gas
Mains: 180-260V
Temperature Switch: 70°
Weight: (without rings) 16Kg
Tubehead: Metal-Ceramic
Control Unit: DC1 or Hand-XD

Key Advantages:

  • Low weight
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
  • Extremely small head diameter
  • Full automatic preheating process
  • Low power requirement
  • Cables with reduced size and weight
  • Can be delivered with the 900g Hand-XD including a Geiger-Müller detector
  • RS232 serial link designed to be connected to digital detectors (eg. XPRO Series) and computers
  • Works on power generator
  • CANON mil. metallic connectors

Most Common Applications:

  • Aeronautics, composites & plastics
  • Building sites
  • Digital applications (flat panels, CR or linear detectors)
  • X-ray cabinets

Product available to UK and Ireland only

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Product Code F00.0101

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