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Determining airworthiness just got easier
The Bondtracer allows trained flight line mechanics to confidently trace,
map, size and compare the severity of any damage caused by a minor
impact to a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) airframe to quickly
determine airwortiness at the ramp without sacrificing safety.

Features and Benefits

Simplified ultrasonic pulse-echo instrument kit for use by personnel with no
specialized NDT training, experience or certification to assess the severity
of Barely Visible Impact Damage to Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)

Simple "green light (go)" / "red light (no go)" display. Unit memorizes good
structure (green LED), then looks for changes (red LED).

Allows local aircraft maintenance staff to determine if aircraft remain airworthy
at the ramp.

Dispatch aircraft with the confidence that flight safety is not compromised and
avoid unnecessary boarding delays, while waiting for NDT/NDI services.

Help airlines maintain on-time performance while lowering costs by operating
modern and efficient composite aircraft.

Dimensions : 180 mm H x 92 mm W x 46 mm D (7.1" H x 3.6" W x 1.8" D)  

Weight : 450g (0.99 lb) (including batteries)   
Power Supply : Three AA batteries 

Run Time : 8 hours

Operating Temperature : 0 deg C to 55 deg C (32 deg F to 131 deg F)  

This unit is only available to end users within the EU and not for resale outside of the EU

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Product Code F25.0133

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