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DDS2 Densitometer

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The Densitometer Type DDS2 is a lightweight, Simple to use, portable densitometer for measuring transmission density of X-Ray film.


The probe is first zeroed and then placed on the film on a light table.
The density value is then displayed on the 3-digit display. Light density is not uniform across a viewer.
To get an accurate reading the density reading should be made at the same point on the viewer where the zero was set.


Place densitimeter probe on viewer. Switch on instrument. Set zero on reference to 0.00. Place film on viewer emulsion side up.
Place probe on film where reading is required. Reading shows density of film. Turn off instrument after use.
Maintenance When Lo Batt is displayed, replace battery (Type PP3 9v Alkaline) after first turning turning instrument off.
Slide off battery cover plate and insert battery. Replace battery cover plate. The equipment is only intended for use with X-Rayfilm.


Range: 2,000-50,000 lux Density: 0.00-4.00 D

Area: 4mm diameter Probe:

Temperature compensated Display: 3 digit LCD Accuracy: +/- 0.05D Detector: Photocell

Power: 9v Alkaline PP3 protected against accidental reverse battery connection.

Battery Life:Greater than 30 hours

Dimensions:145 x 80 x 40 (mm)

Weight: 760gm

A Re-Calibration service is available for this instrument.

This unit may read out of tolerence when used on a Quartz Halogen Viewer and cannot be adjusted by the user

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Product Code F00.4103

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