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Deutroflux UWS MPI Test Bench

Product Code: F05.0615-F05.0629

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Standard machine Deutroflux UWS with movable motor-driven coil, to ensure a high and constant testing sensitivity for the entire workbench surface.

For workbenches with 1000mm to 3000mm length (500mm) and a maximum weight of 500kg (UWS 1000, UWS 1500, UWS 2000) respectively 1000kg (UWS 2500, UWS 3000).

  • Two phase-shifted AC currents generate a rotating magnetic field. Thus, cracks of every direction are detected.


  • The crack detection uses the skin effect of an AC current for a uniform magnetisation and demagnetisation without problems, even in case of complicated workplace geometries.


  • No operating errors due to automated test cycle (clamping, spraying, magnetising, post-/demagnetising, declamping).


  • Electronic and pneumatic modules from world-wide, well-known manufacturers guarantee highest operational reliability and service, even after many years.


  • A stable construction using ISO machine profiles enables the additional mounting of tubs, holding devices, etc.


  • Contact plates are rotatable, contacts are rotatable and vertically adjustable for long tool-life and low contact losses.


  • Customer specific inspection cabin with UV illumination.


  • Separate switch cabinet, well accessible for operation and maintenance.


  • The movable coil with spraying systems on both sides enable testing in both directions.


  • Perfect spraying system: Even complicated workbenches are well sprayed with test liquid from all sides


  • Test liquid container with sloping bottom, circulation pump and without corners in the pump range: No sedimentation in the container.


  • Stainless Steel in the wet area, powder coating outside. No scaling lacquer.


  • Convenient length adjustment by pneumatic brake cylinder: No sticking and no wear – no matter how often the clamping length has to be adjusted.


  • Three times economical: long service life, easy maintenance, excellent price-performance ratio


  • Magnetic particle testing according to DIN EN 9934



  • Testing bench in robust lightweight design with tub for excess testing agent
  • Separate switch cabinet
  • Control panel on the unit
  • Safety foot switch
  • Outlets for UV large area lamp
  • Separate tub for testing agent, contents 80 l complete with pump, circulating system, metering valve and supply pipes
  • 2 independent magnetizing circuits for combined magnetization (e.g. testing for cracks of all directions within one test cycle!)
  • Moving coil (400 x 400 mm, 8500 AW), for AC flow with spraying device on both sides (crack detection is possible both with forward and return move of the coil), drive of the coil by electric motor
  • Current flow 2000 A (eff), 30 % duty cycle
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of current
  • Automatic cycle switching device for all control processes
  • Adjustment of clamping length by means of of a smoothly moving carriage, can be arrested in any position
  • Pneumatic contacting
  • Maintenance unit for compressed air
  • Smoothly moving support rolls for manual rotation of rotationally symmetric parts
  • Connection 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Lacquer coat: cabinet RAL 7033 grey, bench RAL 7016
  • 2 litres FLUXA Concentrate HRS, art. no. 9306 for putting-into-operation
  • 3 instruction manuals in German or English

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Darkening Cabin for crane loading

Pneumatical roof opening for darkening cabin

Product Code F05.0615-F05.0629

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