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DIGIT-X Densitometer

Product Code: F00.4106-F00.4107

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The DIGIT-X Densitometer is a hand – held transmission densitometer combining ease of use with high accuracy and repeatability. The fine fibre-optic probe allows small areas of film to be measured accurately with readings being displayed on the large clear LCD panel to 2 decimal places. Battery usage is minimal and a low battery warning indicator is provided on the digital display.
In use the probe is placed on the illuminated film viewer and the "Zero" button momentarily pressed. The digital display will read 0.00.
The instrument is then placed on the film and the density readings obtained.

Range: 0-4D
Accuracy: + or -  0.05D
Fibre Optic Aperture: 3 m.m
Resolution: 0.01D
Repeatability: 0.02D
Power Supply: 9V PP3 Battery
Battery Life: 2,500 hours
Backlit Version: 250 hours
Dimensions (Instrument): 210 x 60 x 40mm.
Dimensions (Inst & Case): 235 x 210 x 70mm
Weight (Instrument): 175 grms
Weight (Inst & Case): 675 grms

Re-Calibration service is available for this product

Viewer luminance range 1,500Cd/sq meter to 25,000 Cd/sq meter Fluorescent Light or Viewer luminance range 20,000Cd/sq meter to 200,000 Cd/sq meter LED

These units may read out of tolerence when used on a compatable Weld Viewer but can be adjusted by the user

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Product Code F00.4106-F00.4107

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