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Digital Remnance Indicator

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Digi Gauss Magnetometers

Accurate Precision Magnetic Remnance Indicator
Full colour 160 x 128 OLED display
Retro analogue design or digital – your choice
Compact 65mm diameter x 37mm deep
+ or - 95 gauss (DC Field) 0.1 gauss increments

Only 150 grams in weight
4 layer microchip circuit board technology
Multiple display preferences! Simple indexing
Built in Magnetic Field wave form imaging

Retro Analogue Screen

Accuracy 0.2% + - 1 digit (0.1 gauss)

Range Operating temperature - 0 to 30 Deg C

2 Models: -

digi-gauss - TG (True Gauss) + or - 95 gauss

digi-gauss - ME (Magnetometer Emulator) + or - 20 gauss

Retro Analogue Screen

 + or – 20 gauss moving needle display with digital confirmation

Quick Scan Screen
Two in-built warning levels (5 gauss) plus a secondary level which can be factory set to trigger between 0.2 to 95 gauss. If unstipulated at the time of ordering, this is supplied pre-set to 2 gauss.
When either of the levels are selected the whole display flashes red if gauss levels are detected above these settings.

Great for quick scanning components!

Digital Screen
clear digits - simple operation

Note -

All screens have a bright or a subdued brilliance option, enabling use in daylight or subdued light (inspection booth conditions) digi-gauss has an in-built memory which will return to the last used screen upon re-start.

Auto shut down after 1 minute inactivity.


Magnetic Field Imaging
Built in single cycle and double cycle imager
Auto amplification
Displays magnetic field wave form
AC, HWDC, FWDC & Thyristor wave form confirmation.
Miniature precise Oscilloscope

Mag Timer
When placed adjacent to magnetic equipment, the Mag Timer will start to time when exposed to a magnetic field and cease when the field ceases
By moving the Digi-gauss unit adjacent to a Mag Particle bench whilst current is flowing, it is possible to place the Digi-gauss in an area which is triggered by field strength. Hence shot duration is measured at the start of
minimum required field strength (compensating for "soft start" and "ramp up")

Auto zero upon the start of subsequent field timing

General: -
White spot on body denotes exact detection position with arrow guide on the facia
The TG Model (True Gauss) version displays the "true gauss" field which is immediately found in front of the white "spot," and will compare to a digital gauss probe (+ or - 95 gauss range)
The ME Model (Magnetometer Emulator) corresponds and compares to Existing Magnetometers as used in NDT (generally less sensitive with less definition of field) The ME model will measure a + or - 20 gauss range
Ideal for confirming demagnetisation processes are satisfactory
Supplied calibrated (with re-calibration service available)
Thermally compensated device using 4 differentially mounted precision Hall Cells

Supplied with "zero chamber" ring. (Removes the effect of the earth’s magnetic field which can be up to 0.4 gauss) For ultimate accuracy of low gauss measurements
Battery gauge. digi-gauss is supplied with 2 X 1.5V Lithium Batteries (giving approx 10 hours continuous use)

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Product Code F05.0398

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