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Fidgeon 365M LED Mains Operated Ultraviolet /White LIght Inspection Lamp

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Fidgeon 365 Dual LED UV & White Light Mains Operated Inspection Lamp

The perfect inspection lamp for Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection

The new Fidgeon 365 UV LED lamp is designed to comfortably fit in your hand and its rugged, shockproof case is very durable.

Nichia 365nm UV-A LED's have over a 2,500 uw/cm2 output.

A white light LED is provided for Visual Inspection.

Pistol Grip Switch Ultraviolet On/Off 100%
Visible Light Button Side Mounted
UV LED Units Two
White Light LED Unit One
UV Output >4,500 uw/cm2 output.@ 15" distance
White Light Intensity 5,000 Lux @ 15"
White Light Output from UV < 20 Lux @ 15"
UV Wavelength 365nm +/- 5%
Beam Diameter 6.4" @ 15" distance
Filter Glass  Clear Glass
Total power Consumption 6 watt
Safety Shutdown Not Necessary
UV/White Light LED Life >10,000 hours
Housing Protection IP53
Maximum UV Output Immediate
Restart Immediate
Voltage 6 Volt DC / 12Volt adaptor
Weight 1 Kg
Warranty 2 Years
Risk Classification DGZ fp EM6 (2)
Power Supply 100-265V 50/60 Hz Auto Sensing
Cable Length  5 Metres



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Product Code F10.0204

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