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Gammamat Source Projectors

Product Code: F00.1115 & F00.1116

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GammaMat TSI/1 Specifications

Basic Construction Standards
DIN 45115 part 4 and ISO 3999:2000, class P, category 2


Ir-192 in special form half-life: 73.8 days


TSI 3/1: 3.00 TBq (80 Ci) TSI 5/1: 5.00 TBq (135 Ci)

Dose Rate at the Surface

Max. 2 mSv/h

Applicable Temperature Range

-40 Deg Celcius up to +50 Deg Celcius Exceeding ISO 3999:2000, 5.1.4

Depleted Uranium Weight

TSI 3/1: 10.9 kg (24 lb) TSI 5/1: 13.0 kg (28.4 lb)

Overall Dimensions

Length: 350 mm (13" 3/4) Width: 132 mm (5" 3/4) Height: 222 mm (8" 3/4)

Material Used

Outer shell: CrNi steel, Aluminum casting


Depleted Uranium Max. 0.4% U-235 (Specific activity < 18.50 MGq/kg


Remote controls: 5, 10, 15 m (5.5, 11, 16 yd) Guide tubes: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 m Collimators: 60 Deg, 90 Deg and 360 Deg

Available Models

Model Max Loading Total Weight

TSI 3/1 3.00 TBq (80 Ci) Ir-192 20.0 kg (44.0 lb)

TSI 5/1 5.00 TBq (135 Ci) Ir-192 22.0 kg (48.4 lb)


Lightweight Ir-192 Gamma Ray Projector
The GammaMat TSI/1 is the latest model in the GammaMat Series. It is the product of many years of development of gamma radiography devices for the
universal application of Ir-192 sources. It incorporates a straight source channel, and a completely new, patented radiation labyrinth made of tungsten.
The GammaMat TSI/1 uses no uranium moving parts, and it is smaller and lighter than the conventional S-channel devices.
The GammaMat TSI/1 meets all the requirements of the ISO 3999:2000 standards.

Unparalleled Safety

A green/red indicator shows whether the source is in the safe position. This indicator is easily visible, even from a distance.
The automated source securing mechanism of the GammaMat TSI/1 does more than detect the return of the source holder into the unit, it checks the arrival
of the source capsule into its safe position.


The GammaMat TSI/1 self-shielding link-type source holder and patented radiation labyrinth keep radiation far below 2 mSv/h at the front and back ends
of the source channel. The GammaMat TSI/1 is the only device to incorporate a real source position indicator. The source holder can only be released if
the remote control and the source guide tube are properly connected. When in the retracted position, the source holder is automatically locked and the source is shielded.

Regulatory Approvals

The GammaMat TSI/1 is type B(U) approved and satisfies all the requirements of the ISO 3999:2000, ANSI N43.9, N432 (United States) and DIN 54115 (Germany).

GammaMat TSI includes on the following basic accessories:

21-00122 Source Holder

21-00069 Guide Tube Connector

23-00022 Go/No-Go Gauge for Source Holder and Ball Pin

21-00237 Wrench for Connectors

Additional Information

Additional Accessories N/A
Product Code F00.1115 & F00.1116

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