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GE (Krautkramer) CL5 Thickness Meter

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The compact solution offering a full range of functionality
The CL 5 precision thickness gauge offers a full range of functionality in an easy to use, compact and rugged package. 3 soft keys directly under the display activate the functions shown on the display menus. 4 Directional keys elps making menu changes and navigation of the text entry screen simple and efficient. The graphical display presents the user with 6 different operation modes. The user can select from, Normal, Min. Scan, Max. Scan, Diff/ Rate of Reduction, Thk+A-Scan (option) or Velocity (option). The CL 5 utilizes a programmable data recorder for easy set up of data files from the PC. The SD Card memory system places all the data recording and set-up information on a removable SD memory card. The files are formatted allowing drag & drop files when plugged directly into the PC. Other data such as digital photographs can also be stored on the same SD card.
The CL 5 allows direct connection to the PC using serial or USB port.

Performance and Flexibility

The CL 5 Velocity option gives the user an added measurement mode used for determining the velocity of a known thickness of material. Material thickness can be entered manually via the CL 5 keyboard or digital caliper can be connected allowing the thickness value to be send electronically from the caliper to the CL 5. The user simply places the probe on the part and the CL 5 displays the material velocity of the test object. Both the thickness and the velocity value can be stored in the data recorder and downloaded to the PC.

Simple Operation
The CL 5 is a very easy instrument to operate. The MODE key progresses the user through a series of selection and set up menus and back to the measurement mode. One press of the MODE key displays a table of standard probes and up to 5 special setups. Another press of the MODE key displays a set up menu where the user can easily scroll through the menu, see the current settings and make fast changes to any of the displayed settings. A supervisor lock-out function enables a knowledgeable user to set up all the specific measuring functions and settings of the CL 5 and lock the settings so critical settings can not bechanged by a lower level user.

Additional advantages offered by this compact, multifunctional instrument include:

• Enhanced measurement performance produces highly stable and repeatable  thickness values

• Six measurement and display modes:
   Normal, Minimum Capture, Maximum
   Capture, Differential and Rate of reduction,
   Velocity (with CL 5V option) and
   Thickness + A-Scan (with Live A-Scan option).

• Snapshot A-Scan on all models

• Hollow/Fill thickness digits showing coupling or non-coupling status

• Visual LED alarm to alert user when measurement are exceeding the user selectable limit values

• Customer parameter set-ups for special configurations and quick instrument  set-up

• Flexible power system via standard AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack system

• Multi-language user interface

• Automatic ultrasonic performance (gain and gate controls)

• Wide variety of standard probes

Measuring Range
.005" to 20.00" (0.13 to 500 mm):
depends on material,probe,surface condition and temperature

Units and Measuring Resolution
Inch – 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01
Millimeter – 0.001, 0.01, 0.1

Material Velocity Range
0.03937 to 0.78736 in/µs
1000 to 19999 m/s

Bandwidth of 1.0 to 16 MHz at –6 dB

Update Rate
User selectable 4 or 8 Hz, up to 32 Hz in
Min Cap or Max Cap mode

Display Type
Graphical LCD 64 × 128 pixels
2.25 × 2.56 inches (40 × 57 mm)
with backlight and adjustable contrast

Thickness Display
5 digit display with 0.75" height digits in
standard mode and 0.25" height
digits in Thickness + A-Scan mode,
solid or hollow digits coupling indicator,
A-Scan view – R.F. mode only

Display Modes
Thickness (incl. Snapshot A-Scan),
Thickness + Live A-Scan (optional),
Minimum Capture, Maximum Capture,
Differential and Rate of reduction,
Velocity mode (optional)

Supervisor Lockout
Alphanumeric password lockout for calibrations,
set-up and Data Recorder

I/O Port
Bi-directional serial RS-232:
baud rate 1200, 9600, 57600 and

Data Recorder
Programmable Data Recorder
120 files max. on each 64 MB SD card

File Formats
Grid created from instrument keypad.
Grid and Custom Linear files accepted
from UltraMATE® software.

Power Supply
3 ea. AA batteries (Alkaline, NiMH
or NiCad) or custom rechargeable
battery pack

Environmental Sealing
Impact resistant, dust and splash proof
gasket sealed case tested to IP54

0.92 lbs. (420 g) with batteries

7.1" H × 3.7" W × 1.8" D
(180 mm × 94 mm × 46 mm)

Temperature Range
Operating: –10 deg to +60 deg C
Storage: –20 deg to +70 deg C

Operating Languages
English, German, French, Spanish,
Russian, Japanese, Chinese

Application Software
UltraMATE® Lite and UltraMATE®

Base Instrument Package
CL 5 precision thickness gauge
Lithium poly battery pack
AC power supply
Plastic carry case
Wire stand
XL couplant sample, 4 oz.
Firmware upgrade CD-ROM
Operating manual
Operating instructing card
Certificate of Conformity

CL 5AS OPT – Live A-Scan option
CL 5DR OPT – Data Recorder option
CL 5V – Velocity option

PCCBL-690 USB PC cable
PCCBL-419 serial PC cable
Li-135 Lithium poly battery pack
AC-296 AC power supply
UltraMATE® Lite or UltraMATE®
Data Management software

This unit is only available to end users within the EU and not for resale outside of the EU

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Product Code F25.0130

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