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Gloss Meter 20 degree / 60 degree

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The Stargloss Glossmeter is essential where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required and to ensure uniformity of the surface finish.

The Stargloss is a precision Gloss Meter, which is available in two models of 60degree and 20 degree/60 degree The 60 degree angle is suitable for all paint coatings. The 20 degree angle gives improved differentiation of measurement on high gloss coatings above 70 gloss units.

The gloss value is determined by directing a light, which has a similar wavelength to the human eye, at a specific angle to the test surface and measuring the amount of specular reflection.

The optics are set in an aluminium block giving optical bench accuracy and stability. To ensure international standard compliance, the light source is supplied from long-life tungsten halogen lamps, which closely conform to CIE illuminant C.

Small, portable and easy to use. Place the Stargloss on the surface to be measured, press the required angle button and the gloss reading will appear on the display.  This reading will be held until another reading is taken. The instrument will automatically switch off when not in use.

Easy to read two-line alphanumeric display with back lighting. French, Spanish and German language versions are available on request.

Powered by internal rechargeable batteries. Battery voltage can be checked on the display.

Supplied with a Precision Gloss Standard, to ensure correct calibration of the Stargloss. Calibration can be adjusted to any gloss standard value.

Complies with International Standards: ISO 2813, ISO 7668, BS 6161-12,
BS 3900-D5, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 1455, ASTM D 584, DIN 67530, AS 1580-602.2 and ECCA T2.

Calibration Certificates for the Stargloss and Precision Gloss Standard are available with traceability to BAM.

Supplied with Gloss Tile, Charger and Carrying Case.

Calibration certificates available for the Instrument and Gloss Tile

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Product Code F40.0319

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