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GM08 Hand Held Gaussmeter

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GMO7 & GMO8 Gaussmeters

GM07 and GM08 represents the second generation of microprocessor controlled Gaussmeters using the best of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Analogue Techniques to offer sophisticated measuring functions in a simple to use, menu driven, hand held package.
Designed for factory floor, on site and laboratory measurement of Magnetic flux Density and Magnetic Field Strength in SI or cgs, these instruments give excellent value for money.

For Magnetic Meassurements

Menu Driven//Selectable Units (Tesla, Amp/m, Gauss, Oersteds)

Selectable Functions//Hand--Held

Graphical LCD display

USB & RS232 (GMO8)

Menu Driven

Multi lingual

DC, AC, PEAK, MAX, HOLD and STORE functions

Operating Function and Units displayed

Analogue Output (GMO8)

Thin semi-flexible probe

Visible measurement point

Probe polarity indication

Battery operated

External power supply connection (GMO8 only)

Measurement functions

The GMO7/O8 can measure:

DC DC magnetic field measurement

DC PEAK Maximum positive peak reading of the DC field

AC RMS True RMS (Root mean Square) of input signal

AC MAX RMS Maximum true RMS (Root mean Square)

AC PEAK Maximum positive peak reading of the AC field

Data captures

The GMO7/08 can HOLD measured values by pressing the Hall Probe button.

Pressing the button again releases HOLD (when enabled).

The GMO7/O8 can also STORE up to 100 measurements These values can later be RECALLED,


The GMO7/O8 has a number of utilities options allowing the operator to disable or select various times for the automatic POWER DOWN.

Nulling routines may also be selected.

The GMO7/O8 also has a facility to operate its menu structure in English,French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Display Status

When active, the status display is always in the top right hand corner, while the menu option display is in the bottom left hand corner.

Applications include:

Computer disk Drive Actuators,

Loudspeaker Air Gaps

Electric Motor air gaps

Transformer Stray Field measurements

Bending magnets

Non destructive Testing (Magnetic)

Goods inward and Quality Assurance Inspection

Automated magnet calibration

GM08 Hand Held Gaussmeter with RS232, USB communications and memory storage. Auto and manual ranging. Auto and manual Power-down. Analogue output (uncorrected). DC, DC Peak, AC RMS, AC RMS MAX and AC Peak. Ranges 0-3 Tesla, 0-299.9 mT. 0-29.99 mT. 0-2.999 mT. Inclusive of Transverse Hall Probe, Zero Flux Can and case (not including batteries).

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Product Code F05.0471

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