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Graetz GPD Personal Dosimeter

Product Code: F00.1187

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  • dosemeter for measuring gamma radiation and X-rays for the dose equivalent Hþ(10)
  • detector: energy compensated GM tube
  • switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • menu-driven user navigation
  • storage of the dose and of the set perameters even during battery change
  • 4 preset dose alarm thresholds: 
    200 µSv, 500 µSv, 1000 µSv, 2000 µSv


On request adjustment of customised alarm thresholds

  • dose rate alarm threshold: 25 µSv/h
  • optical and acoustical alarm
  • high reliability by continuous self control
  • small and handy housing, easy to decontaminate, protection class IP54
  • operating life with one battery set at ambient background radiation approx. 1 month during 24h operation and 3 months during 8h operation
  • acoustic battery alarm
Technical Data 
Dose indication range:  0.05 µSv - 10Sv
Dose measuring range:  10 µSv - 10Sv

Dose rate range

for dose measurement:

0.1 µSv/h - 1.0Sv/h
Energy range:  55keV - 3MeV
Dose alarm thresholds:

4 preset values in the range of

10 µSv - 10 Sv

Dose rate alarm threshold:  25 µSv/h
Temperature range:  -20°C up to +60°C
Power supply: 2 batteries 1.5 V (type AAA)
Acoustic alarm: approx. 80dB(A) in 30cm distance
Dimensions:  (59×71×25/17) mm
Weight (batteries included):  approx. 110g (with plastic clip)

Additional Information

Additional Accessories N/A
Product Code F00.1187

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