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Graetz X5C Plus Radiation Digital Doserate Meter

Product Code: F00.1190

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PTB-approved dose rate meter for measuring gamma radiation and X-rays

Measuring size: ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10)

Detector: energy compensated Geiger-Muller-tube

Large digital indication of measured values on LC display (illuminable)

Selectable dose rate or dose indication with integration time

Additional quasi-analog dose rate indication (3,5 decades, logarithmic bar graph)

Indication of peak and average dose rate value

4 free programmable dose and dose rate alarm thresholds

Automatic or manual storage of dose and dose rate values together with date and time

Evaluation/indication of residual time for staying in the current radiation field with regard to the maximum allowed dose

Switchable acoustic single-pulse indication

Clear menu-driven operator guidance for easy operation, partly secured by password

Storage of set parameters also when device is switched off or during battery replacement

Continuous self testing and monitoring ensures high reliability

Compact, metallized housing made of high impact-proof plastic (easy to decontaminate), sealed for submersion up to 1 m depth (IP 67)

Power supply by 9V battery 6LR61 or alternatively by 9V accumulator (option)


RS-232 interface

Basic unit can be combined either directly or by probe cable with various probes of the GRAETZ probe programme for

- extending the measuring range up to 10 Sv/h

- detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation

- measuring in liquids

- measurements at "hard-to-get-to" places

- for measuring low dose rates by means of the Scintillation Probe

Directly to be combined with Telescope Probe DE or "CE"-Telescope for measurements from a safe distance

Automatic probe identification

When using GRAETZ "CE"-probes: measuring size H*(10) (ambient dose equivalent rate)

When using GRAETZ "D/DE"-probes: measuring size Hx (photon dose equivalent rate)

Extensive accessories, e.g. probes, probe cable, leather bag "D", transport case (aluminium or plastic), accumulator, recharger, PC cable, etc.

PTB-approved dose rate measuring range: 1,0 microSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose rate indication range: 0 nSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose indication range: 0 nSv - 10 Sv
Energy range: 40 keV - 1,3 MeV
Dose rate alarm thresholds: 4, free programmable, 1 microSv/h - 20 mSv/h
Dose alarm thresholds: 4, free programmable, 1 microSv - 10 Sv
Temperature range: -30 Deg C up to +60 Deg C
Dimensions / Weight: (152 x 82 x 39) mm
approx. 400 g
PTB-Approval No.: 23.51/04.01

Re-Calibration service is available for this product

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Product Code F00.1190

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