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JAY 240V 50 / 60 Hz

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The JAY or Johnson and Allen Yoke is one of the most simple to use pieces of equipment in the field of Magnetic Particle Inspection, capable of finding surface cracks in any Ferro Magnetic Material.

Electro Magnet. Manufactured in GB!
Replacable Switch and feet tripples the useful life in comparison with some imported lighter duty units.
Self re-setting thermal cut out protection as standard.
High Resistance to Abrasion and Impact Damage.
Individually Serialized.
Industry approved

Voltage: 240 Volts AC 12 Volts DC
Max Current: 240v  -  2.1 Amps
220v   -  1.8 Amps 
Weight: 3.25 Kg
Pole Section: 25 mm x 25 mm
Mains Lead: Heavy Duty 4 metres.
Conformity: BS 6072 Part 15.3/15.4

Today, most of the equipment used to create the magnetic field used in MPI is based on electromagnetism. That is, using an electrical current to produce the magnetic field. An electromagnetic yoke is a very common piece of equipment that is used to establish a magnetic field. It is basically made by wrapping an electrical coil around a piece of soft ferromagnetic steel. A switch is included in the electrical circuit so that the current and therefore, the magnetic field can be turned on and off. They can be powered with alternating current from a wall socket or by direct current from a battery pack. This type of magnet generates a very strong magnetic field in a local area where the poles of the magnet touch the part being inspected. Some yokes can lift weights in excess of 40 pounds.

Replacement foot and switch assembly are available

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Product Code F05.0561

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