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Labino MPXL Duo Ultraviolet Lamps- 100VAC, 115VAC, 230VAC or 12-24VDC

Product Code: F10.0130 - F10.0139A

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MPXL Duo UV lamps have unbeatable UV intensity creating extreme excitation of fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at greater distances once impossible with former technology.

The Labino MPXL Duo is a two-part lamp consisting of a light weight luminary unit and a ballast (electronics) unit.

Three versions are available all with the choice of U/V Beams and Intensities :-
Floodlight, Midlight or Spotlight

The S135 UV has no handle but comes with mounting brackets

Product Codes
F10.0130 (S135) Floodlight (Beam 45º)
F10.0135 (S135) Spotlight (Beam 3.5º)
F10.0138 (S135) Midlight (Beam 20º)

The PS135 comes complete with a Pistol Grip Handle

Product Codes
F10.0131 (PS135) Floodlight (Beam 45º)
F10.0136 (PS135) Spotlight (Beam 3.5º)
F10.0139 (PS135) Midlight (Beam 20º)

The OHS135 comes complete with Open Handle Short

Product Codes
F10.0132 (OHS135) Floodlight (Beam 45º)
F10.0137 (OHS135) Spotlight (Beam 3.5º)
F10.0139A (OHS135) Midlight (Beam 20º)



Beam Angle


Floodlight 45 deg 3,000 micro watts / centimeter squared
Midlight 20 deg 8,000 micro watts / centimeter squared
Spotlight 3.5 deg 45,000 micro watts / centimeter squared

Full Specification Available on Request

Additional Information

Additional Accessories No
Product Code F10.0130 - F10.0139A

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