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Lead Intensifying Screens

Product Code: F00.1510 - F00.1589

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Lead Intensifying Screens are thin sheets of lead foil mounted on card for ease of handling. One is placed either side of x-ray film and in close contact with it, inside the cassette or film holder prior to exposure. They are used in most radiographic techniques, excluding some of those employing low kilo-voltages, because they reduce the exposure required and improve the quality of the image. The screens are made from the finest available radiographic lead foil, laminated onto flexible white photographic base card. The lead surface is not covered with a lacquer coating. The specially formulated lead-rich alloy is hard enough not to cause the transfer of deposits onto the film in normal use. Un-coated lead also has the advantages of higher intensification and the absence of problems associated with uneven coating or melting or partial wearing away of the lacquer. The corners of the screens are rounded to a convenient radius to prevent damage to films and cassettes. Each screen is clearly stamped with the lead thickness.

To ensure that the screens are received in perfect condition, the lead surface is protected by a PEEL-OFF protective plastic film. IT IS ESSENTIAL that the protective film is removed before using the screens.

The film is best removed by applying a piece of adhesive tape to the corner of the screen, the tape and film will peel away together cleanly and easily.

Intensifying screens are made in sizes for all the world markets. Standard metric and imperial sizes are cut according to BS3490:1985 and ISO 5655-1982. Special sizes can be made to order. The following lead thicknesses (mm.) are available; 0.050, 0.100, 0.125, 0.150, 0.200, 0.250, 0.500, 0.750, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000 and 3.000. Pairs of any thickness combinations can be supplied. Screens are normally sold in 5, 10 or 25 pair packs, but those thicker than 0.250mm are available only in single pair packs.
Intermediate (centre) screens, with lead foil on each side of the card support, are available with any lead thickness. Most commonly they are supplied as 0.10mm (0.05 lead on each side) or 0.20mm (0.10mm of lead on each side).

Size Chart and Product Codes for 0.125/0.125mm Lead Screens

Screen Size        5 pair pack        10 pair pack        25 pair pack
 05x20cm            F00.1510           F00.1540           F00.1570
 05x40cm            F00.1511           F00.1541           F00.1571
 06x24cm            F00.1512           F00.1542           F00.1572
 06x40cm            F00.1513           F00.1543           F00.1573
 06x48cm            F00.1514           F00.1544           F00.1574
 07x40cm            F00.1515           F00.1545           F00.1575
 07x48cm            F00.1516           F00.1546           F00.1576
 09x12cm            F00.1517           F00.1547           F00.1577
 10x20cm            F00.1518           F00.1548           F00.1578
 10x24cm            F00.1519           F00.1549           F00.1579
 10x40cm            F00.1520           F00.1550           F00.1580
 10x48cm            F00.1521           F00.1551           F00.1581
 13x18cm            F00.1522           F00.1552           F00.1582
 15x40cm            F00.1523           F00.1553           F00.1583
 18x24cm            F00.1524           F00.1554           F00.1584
 18x43cm            F00.1525           F00.1555           F00.1585
 20x30cm            F00.1526           F00.1556           F00.1586
 24x30cm            F00.1527           F00.1557           F00.1587
 30x40cm            F00.1528           F00.1558           F00.1588
 35x43cm            F00.1529           F00.1559           F00.1589

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Product Code F00.1510 - F00.1589

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