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Lumacheck UV/White Light Meter

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The Baugh and Weedon LumaCheck Dual UV and White Light Meter has been designed to offer the user the most accurate results and versatile calibration options available on the market.
The LumaCheck is a truly unique system design, since it is the Sensor-head that stores the calibration details, not the Instrument itself. The LumaCheck unit is purely a method of displaying results.
This can potentially mean that only the Sensor needs to be calibrated, allowing the Sensor to be "hot-swapped" with another and the LumaCheck to remain in continuous use.This revolutionary design feature is exclusive to the LumaCheck and something that has never been achieved previously in any light meter.


  • Unmatched Results Accuracy.
  • Dual Sensor.
  • Interchangeable Sensor allows the LumaCheck to operate continuously.
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Battery Operated (in excess of ten hours continuous use which equates to several weeks in normal use).
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • USB charging capabilities.
  • Lightweight.
  • Full Colour Display.
  • Value for Money.

Lumacheck Sensor

Not only does the LumaCheck have a detachable Sensors, but also a detachable cable allowing all aspects of the LumaCheck to be interchanged; thus offering the user maximum flexibility and minimum lifetime operating costs.

If the operator has two Sensors with the LumaCheck, this interchangeability means that operators need not be without a functional light meter during calibration.

The LumaCheck is a hand-held instrument housed in an extremely robust and high quality case measuring just 168mm Long x 85mm Wide x 30mm Deep and weighing only 350g (0.77 pounds) including batteries.

Offering accuracy, high-quality design, robustness and flexibility, the LumaCheck is a truly unrivalled Dual UV and White Light Meter.


Measuring Range
White Light 5lux to 10,000lux
UV Light     0 to 10,000 micro watts / sq cm

White Light 0.1lux below 10lux
UV Light     0.15 to 10 micro watts / sq cm

White Light Foot Candles or Lux
UV Light Micro watts per square centimeter

2.8" (70mm) 320 x 240 pixels colour display LCD with backlight

5 readings per second

Conversion Rate

Up to 0.1lux & 0.1 micro watts / sq cm

163mm L x 80mm W x 25mm D

350g (0.77 pounds)including batteries

2 x 1.5v AA NiMH Batteries. 10hrs+ continuous use

PC Connectivity
USB or Mains charging capabilities

IP Standard
IP 54

Additional Information

Additional Accessories No
Product Code F10.0269

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