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P920 Portable Power Pack

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Provides an economical and convenient means of inspecting a wide range of assemblies for both surface and near-surface defects.

• AC & HWDC output              
• Either end terminals for quick changeover
• Demagnetising facility     
• Choice of prod tips

This portable unit has an aluminium chassis; composite end panels and a coated aluminium top cover fitted carrying handles.
The operating controls are mounted on the front panel with the ventilating fan, mains input and circuit breaker at the rear.

Infinitely variable output current, “Mains on” Lamp, Analogue Ammeter complete with AC/DC Switch.

Three either end Output terminals, Common, AC and HWDC.
AC current develops a strong magnetic field in the outer skin of parts under test and is recommended for surface defects. AC current minimises background interference and should be used for demagnetising parts.

Current develops a magnetic field, which penetrates into the part under test and can reveal both near-surface and surface defects. The pulsating effect of HWDC increases particle mobility.

AC or HWDC current operation is selected by connecting cables to the appropriate either end terminals and selection of the ammeter range.
Circular magnetisation is achieved by using Pistol Grip Prods or Leeches to pass current directly through the part under test.
Longitudinal magnetisation is achieved by wrapping cable around the part to form a 3.5 turn coil or by using a Split Coil. These coils can also be used as a means for demagnetising by selecting AC current and pulling the part away from the coil or by continuously reducing the current to zero.
The current shot is activated from either the switch fitted to the Pistol Grip Prods or a remote Push Button.

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Product Code F05.0600

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