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Paint Inspection Kit

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Paint Inspection Kit

The Paint Inspectors Kit (Paint Test Kit) offers the industrial painter all the necessary equipment to carry out a full inspection of the coating process.

Supplied in a foam-filled Carrying Case, ensuring that all the equipment is easily available and transportable.

The Inspectors Kit can be supplied with a partial supply of equipment. PLEASE REQUEST FURTHER DETAILS.

Coating Thickness: Eban 4000 (C4001): Measures all coatings on steel and iron substrates using the magnetic induction principle, ensuring the correct coating thickness has been applied.

Wet Film Thickness: Tricomb Stainless Steel (W2001): Ensures the quality control of the paint thickness while the coating is still wet. Applying too much coating can be expensive. Wet film measurements are also useful for coatings where the dry film thickness can only be measured destructively.

Surface Roughness: Testex Tape (R1002): A unique replica technique and a simple snap gauge make possible accurate, low-cost blast-surface profile measurements. Testex makes surface replicas easy to obtain and produces average maximum peak-to-valley readings that ensure optimum blasting effectiveness. Replicas can be retained for future needs.

Temperature: Digital Thermometer (T2003): Allows the measurement of the substrate temperature to be taken immediately. This ensures that the substrate can be maintained at a temperature sufficiently above the dew point to prevent moisture forming on the uncoated surface.

Humidity: RH% Dewpoint Meter (H2005): Allows the determination of the relative humidity, dew point and air temperature before the application of a coating. Specifications usually detail that the relative humidity and the dew point temperature must be strictly adhered to, and that the surface temperature is monitored.

Surface Cleanliness: Bresle Test: Many coatings fail due to salts such as chlorides and sulphates contaminating the surface prior to the coating application. This contamination can be tested quickly and simply using the Bresle Test.

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Product Code F40.0316

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