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Twin KDS Panels

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TWIN KDS PANEL (WW & PE) are two panels each having five sunburst style cracks induced in a brittle plating, which itself has a depth of approximately 26µm. The cracks run along one side of each panel, top to bottom, in varying diameters. The other half of the test piece is stainless steel, which has been oxide blasted to give a surface of "medium roughness" for testing background fluorescence when using high sensitivity penetrant systems. The panels are produced as twins by accomplishing all the manufacturing steps whilst the metal for the two panels are a single plate. After manufacturing the plate is sheared into two separate panels, which share a common serial number and are labeled ‘A’ and ‘B’. The two panels are nearly identical twins.
The panels come in two different models, Model WW for water washable penetrants and Model PE for post-emulsifiable penetrants. The WW panel has a crack range of 0.38mm, 1.17mm, 1.91mm and 3.18mm; the PE panel has a crack range of 0.79mm, 1.59mm, 2.36mm and 4.34mm.As the panels are ‘twins’ they may be used to judge relative penetrant sensitivity and relative system performance. They also may be used to compare penetrant removability and wash-ability.
The panels can be used to ensure that all elements of the process are functioning correctly. Any drastic change in the total process will be picked up and the danger of accepting a part with a dangerous flaw can be avoided.

Regular processing of a test panel at the beginning and end of a shift will help prove that a particular penetrant process is operating correctly. Knowing that faulty components cannot get through the system wrongly due to a major change in processing will increase confidence in the system.

MODEL WW  For use with water-washable (Method A) penetrants

MODEL PE  For use with nonwater-washable (Method B, C & D) penetrants

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Product Code F15.0568-F15.0569

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