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Ultrasonic Probe Leads

Product Code: F20.0200 - F20.0253

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Ultrasonic Probe Leads and Adaptors

Manufactured from the highest quality components to give you the best performance and reliable long life.   

Special Cables available to order    


Product Code

Lead Type (Single)

F20.0200 Lemo1-Lemo00 (minature) 2 Metre
F20.0201 Lemo1-Lemo1 2 Metre
F20.0202 Lemo1-Subvis 2 Metre
F20.0203 Lemo1-Microdot 2 Metre
F20.0204 Lemo1-UHF 2 Metre
F20.0205 Lemo1-Waterproof UHF 2 Metre
F20.0206 Lemo1-Minature BNC 2 Metre
F20.0207 Lemo1-BNC 2 Metre
F20.0208 BNC-Lemo00 (minature) 2 Metre
F20.0209 BNC-Subvis 2 Metre
F20.0210 BNC-Microdot 2 Metre
F20.0211 BNC-UHF 2 Metre
F20.0212 BNC- Waterpfoof UHF 2 metre
F20.0213 BNC-BNC 2 Metre
F20.0214 Lem00 (Minature)-Microdot 2 Metre
F20.0215 Lemo00(Minature)-Subvis 2 Metre


Product Code

Lead Type (Twin)

F20.0220 Lemo1-Lemo00 (Minature) 2 Metre
F20.0221 Lemo1-Lemo 1 2 Metre
F20.0222 Lemo1-Subvis 2 Metre
F20.0223 Lemo1-Microdot 2 Metre
F20.0226 Lemo1-Minature BNC 2 Metre
F20.0227 Lemo1-BNC 2 Metre
F20.0228 BNC-Lemo00 (Minature) 2 Metre
F20.0229 BNC-Subvis 2 Metre
F20.0230 BNC-Microdot 2 Metre
F20.0231 BNC-UHF 2 Metre
F20.0233 BNC-BNC 2 Metre
F20.0235 Lemo00 (Minature)-Subvis 2 Metre

Product Code Adaptor Type
F20.0250 BNC -Lemo1
F20.0251 Lemo1-BNC
F20.0252 BNC-UHF
F20.0253 UHF-BNC

Additional Information

Additional Accessories N/A
Product Code F20.0200 - F20.0253

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