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Echograph 1095

Product Code: F20.0100-F20.0103

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Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Supplied with red protective rubber holster, mains charger unit, Li-Ion battery and transportation case

HF-Version (0.5MHz - 20MHz)

  • Housing dimensions: 149mm×262mm×54mm with protective rubber holster for high impact resistance
  • Large 7" colour TFT display with screen resolution of 800×480 pixels
  • Weight incl. Li-Ion battery and protective rubber holster: 2Kg
  • Clearly structured operation menu with freely selectable languages
  • 6 function keys below the display are freely programmable by operator
  • DGS flaw size evaluation, DGS curve is shown on the screen
  • DAC/TCG depth compensation curves displayed on the screen
  • Up to 4 additional DAC/TCG curves resp. DGS curves can be shown on the screen, each curve individually shifted relative to the screen, each curve individually shifted relative to initial curve by max +15dB
  • Evaluation according to AWS D1.1/1.1M standard as well as JIS Z 3060
  • Probe database for easy entering and editing data even for any kind of probe
  • User guided assist menus for screen setup, probe evaluation and sound velocity measurement (2 point adjustment)
  • Monitoring of echo amplitudes and signal travel times by three independent flaw gates
  • Echo to echo evaluation between 2 gates (M1 and M2)
  • Gate 2 tracking in relation to gate 1
  • Back wall echo attenuation by individually adjustable amplication for gate 3
  • Precise wall thickness measurement by zero point edge evaluation
  • Additional LED indications for monitoring the gate thresholds M1, M2 and M3
  • User defined measurement selection: up to 6 freely selectable measuring data can be shown on the display in well readable large digits
  • Echo amplitude selectable in percent screen height, mm FBH or dBrel
  • Evaluation in amplitude and mm sound path, mm depth and mm (reduced) projection distance
  • Echo display: half-wave positive, half wave negative, full wave, RF display
  • A-Scan representation as standard image (envelope), inverse (filled), freeze or with echo-dynamic curve
  • Zoom function for gate 1 and gate 2
  • Adjustable gain up to 110dB
  • Switchable between tunable square wave pulse and broadband spike pulse
  • Automatic pulse width adjustment based on probe data between 30ns - 5μs (corresponding to 100kHz - 17 MHz probes)
  • Pulse repetition frequency from 10Hz up to 1KHz for square wave poulse and up to 5KHz for spike pulse
  • Comfortable text editor enables the storage of each perameter set by a special name
  • 50,000 configurations can be stored, up to 500 configurations are displayed
  • Sound velocity adjustable between 200m/s up to 15,000m/s in steps of 1m/s
  • Battery operation approx. 9 hours in standard setup
  • Outputs:
  1. 8GB SD card (2...32 GB)
  2. Standard VGA output
  3. USB interface
  4. 3 gate (alarm) outputs (TTL level)
  5. 2×Lemo 1 probe lead connectors
  6. Protection class IP64


Additional Information

Additional Accessories

USB Cable for Echograph 1095

for connection of an Echograph 1095 to the USB interface of a PC

PC software eCOM 95 for Windows XP/7/8 Desktop

Replacement carrying strap for Echograph 1095

Spare battery pack 7.4v; 7.6Ah for Echograph 1095

Charger unit for battery of Echograph 1095

Screen protector foil for Echograph 1095

Interface box IFB for E1095 incl. connecting cable

Interface box IFB HiSpeed for E1095 incl. connecting cable

 Protective holster (red) for Echograph 1095 

Product Code F20.0100-F20.0103

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