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UV 35W Black Light Torch

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Very high intensity UV blacklight for medium area irradiation

Product Features

Re-chargeable 12 V battery operation.
Interchangeable battery pack.
Compact, lightweight and durable.
High intensity, long throw UV light output.
Hot re-strike after 5 seconds.
Full UV light output after 15 seconds.

UV Light Spectral Output

A 35W high intensity discharge UV Xenon bulb is used in combination with a black woods glass filter to produce a UV light spectral output within the wavelength range 315 nm-405 nm, optimum for UV-A fluorescent
inspection applications.

. UV 35W Blacklight Torch
UV bulb Xenon 35W high intensity discharge (ozone free)
UV bulb operating life Approximately 2,000 hours depending on age, environment, switching and cooling
UV filter glass Black (woods glass)-140 mm diameter
Reflector material Aluminium – UVL full spectrum grade
Reflector size 135 mm diameter
Rating  IP 54
Weight including battery Approximately 1.9 Kg
Power supply UVLT battery pack 12 V DC
Battery pack .
Battery run time Approximately 40 minutes from a re-charge time of 4 hours.
Battery life Approximately 300 charging cycles
Dimensions  170 mm x 63 mm x 45 mm
Weight 0.75 Kg
Battery pack charger .
Power supply 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Additional Information

Additional Accessories N/A
Product Code F10.0097

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