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Fuji Prescale Film

Product Information You can measure pressure, pressure distribution and balance. Fujifilm’s advanced technologies in colour film manufacturing enabled to produce extremely thin and stable Prescale to measure pressure. (Mono-sheet type: 90±5µ; two-sheet type: 110±5µ) Red patches appear on Presc...
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Fuji PMC Strips

Product information FujiFilm PMC Strips are used to provide customers with a tool to control the quality of their processing system, in accordance with ASTM E999 and ISO11699-2(EN584-2) standards. Main features: The Fuji X-ray Process Management Control strips are supplied in boxes as 25 certified a...
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DynamIx HR²/DynamIx VU/DynamIx FXR

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Scrata Calculator

Product information The Scrata Gamma Exposure Calculator is designed to provide rapid and precise exposure times for gamma radiography of ferrous materials for Cobalt 60, Ytterbium 169 and Iridium 192. Tabular data accompanying radiographic film, in the density range from 1.0 to 4.0 are available wi...
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Paper Folders

Product information Film interleaving paper folders are is intended to protect unexposed and exposed x-ray film from scratches and handling marks. Fuji and other X-Ray film manufacturers supply Non-Interleaved (NIF) Films. Folder Wrapped (FW) films are packed in boxes with each film sheet sandwiche...
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