Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! It has been a long time coming but is finally ready to show you all.


The intention of the new website is to give you, the customer, a far better experience. We’ve left no stone unturned in making this the best website we can and provided as much information on products as possible. In doing so we believe we have learned a lot more about the products ourselves. This is something we intend to continue when adding more items.

You may notice several obvious changes to the website for example data sheets and this blog, but the most notable change is the client area. Please contact the office to be given your company log-in details and you will find an area of the website specifically for you. We will have prices, certificates, invoices and delivery details uploaded for you, but a selection of customers will also be able to complete orders through the website, particularly those with a consignment stock. The intention of this is to provide customers with a hassle free system. Especially helpful to those of you working shifts and find it difficult to spread an enquiry to order process over a number of days. We don’t wish to lose the personal touch but in today’s society we understand the need to accommodate other options to our customer base.


We would also like to officially announce two new distributor deals. One with Stresstech Oy in Finland who we have been dealing with since May 2019. Stresstech are a Finnish manufacturer of stress testing equipment using Barkhausen Noise analysis or X-ray diffraction. Stresstech has been offering NDT solutions for process control and quality inspection for over 30 years. These items are particularly useful for automotive and aerospace customers. They can be used for heat treatment verification, grinding burn detection and residual stress measurement. You can find their products with complete descriptions here.


The second of those is our agreement with ATH Limited, which is still very new. ATH and Fidgeon are working together to promote a line of penetrant testing systems complete with NewGen software. More information on these items can be found here. The aim here is to provide customers with a plug and play system that will allow a quick turnaround on a full penetrant line which is something that is not offered by other manufacturers. The estimated delivery time on these lines will be around 2 weeks which is a huge reduction on the standard 3 – 6 months that is being quoted elsewhere.


Please take a look at the website and let us know if there’s something we could be doing better and don’t forget to contact the office for your log-on information!


Take care and speak soon